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Red Friday’s deception runs deeper than I thought possible.

I unravelled a single pattern repeat on both sleeves: while this meant I had 25 stitches to cast off instead of the recommended 23, that’s not enough to worry me. Now each sleeve is 2.5 repeats from armpit to shoulder, and that’s the main thing, right? Just a quick check against this front armhole…oh, wait a second, it still doesn’t look right. Let’s just check the other side…oh.

The fronts are two different lengths. Of course they are. One is two pattern repeats from armpit to shoulder; the other is two and a half. Let’s recap, just to be clear.

Back = 2.5 repeats from armpit to shoulder (both sides)

Left front = 2.0 repeats from armpit to shoulder

Right front = 2.5 repeats from armpit to shoulder

Sleeves (both) = 3.5 repeats from armpit to shoulder

No wonder I couldn’t get the armhole sleeves to work. This is going to take some time. Unravel the collar; unpick the seams, work half a pattern repeat on the left front, then reseam and redo the collar. Unravel a repeat on each sleeve, cast off, and attach.

Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad. I can do that. Probably.

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