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Cheesey cakey goods. Good goods. Good God, good goods.

Sometimes I’m awesome in the kitchen. I’m audacious, flirtatious, salacious, outrageous. I’m fun, fast and foxy. I’m skilled, zesty, sharp and zinging. This is a fair description of my kitchen presence 90% of the time.

Other times I’m not. Not awesome, I mean. I’m daft and forgetful and knock stuff over. I put too much salt in one dish and then too little in the next, resulting in a decent average but unpleasant extremes. And then this happened. Well, no, it didn’t happen: I made it.

Yes. YES. Don’t be shy.

And I made it goooooood. It’s a yoghurt cheesecake: I’ve had the recipe in my Pinterest To-Cook List for ages, and today a coworker shared something similar. Having just returned from several weeks with family in Poland, she recreated her grandma’s crustless yoghurt cheesecake: 50% yoghurt, 25% ricotta, 25% cream cheese, and the rest misc. It was seriously impressive, so I vowed to make this one. This one has no cheese at all: the ‘cheese’ is yoghurt, eggs, sugar, vanilla and cornflour, whisked until thick and foamy and poured into a baked, hot pie crust. (Frugality bonus! I took the opportunity to use up some under-appreciated sweet biscuits cluttering up the pantry: crumbled and mixed with melted butter, then pressed into the pie dish and baked for seven minutes AND NOT A SECOND LONGER, they made a great base.)

This recipe is fast and easy, and the taste is incredible. Whisking creates a fluffy, light filling, and the yoghurt makes it fantastically tangy. (Make sure you use unflavoured, Greek-style yoghurt.) Awesome. The original recipe from eatliverun tops it with sliced peaches and warm honey: I think the honey might make it just that side of too sweet, but fruit — ooh, grilled peaches! — would be fantastic.

As at time of writing, there is significantly less cheesecake than pictured.

Cheesecake to remind me how great I am in the kitchen. Cook it, and you too will remember how great you are. (And me.)

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