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On the go

Still away from home, but on the move. We flew to another city, collected the car, and then hit the road. Next stop: wedding. A funeral and then a wedding within 24 hours. M drove, I knit.

Action shot!

I mentioned my hotel room blocking? It was all for this: picking up a zillion stitches from one front corner to the other, to work the shawl collar. The blocking, however quick and dirty, opened up the edge stitches enough to make picking up a total tea party, cupcakes and all.

Making time.

A shawl collar in 1×1 rib, with short rows around the neck, is fantastic riding-in-a-car driving: easy enough that I didn’t need to watch it, but challenging enough that I didn’t wish for some sort of hideous cataclysm to break the monotony.

This cardigan has been every sort of comfort to me this week. I’ve helped as much as I can in the shadow of grief and horror, but we need time, peace, and steadiness to recover. Having this project with me all week has made a lot of situations less shitty. In the tired and quiet moments, it’s given me something to do, some direction and purpose, and a reminder that life won’t always be horrible. That’s more than you can usually ask of a cardigan.

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