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Nubbly nubbly bubbly

My red Friday is roaring along. I’ve done the back and both fronts, and I’m up to the armhole on the first sleeve. The lace pattern makes it fast: it’s easy to memorise so you can charge away on it while you’re talking or flying a passenger aircraft or whatever. The pieces are fairly small because the lace work is stretchy and open. It’s portable and easy and it’s perfect for me right now.

Nubby sunbaking

M and I are travelling at the moment: a death in the family sees us a long way from home. The days in between the death and the funeral incur a lot of waiting, sitting, holding, and talking late into the night. The knitting helps a lot.

Security blanket

We’re talking about suffering and fear and regret; we’re crying; we’re talking about careers and meaning and words; we’re talking about paperwork and the difference between coffins and caskets. When it gets intense, knitting is time-out. When I’m bored from fatigue, knitting is easy. Knitting is a lifeline: it makes me calm, useful and comforted. I’m away from the rest of my life — my house, my job, my friends — but my knitting is here, my lifeline back.

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