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{ Monthly Archives } September 2012

Pasta Masta!

Scuse the funky layout: I’m experimenting with some different formatting tweaks to see what I like. Carry on! I did it! Ticked one major item off the “Learn-How” list! Make pasta. I’ve made pasta once before, and I wasn’t really confident with the outcome. But this time: GROK. I totally get it. I used plain […]

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Red Friday’s deception runs deeper than I thought possible. I unravelled a single pattern repeat on both sleeves: while this meant I had 25 stitches to cast off instead of the recommended 23, that’s not enough to worry me. Now each sleeve is 2.5 repeats from armpit to shoulder, and that’s the main thing, right? […]


In which our suspicions are confirmed

I took Red Friday off the clotheshorse, where it was drying from the half-arsed blocking I gave it, and settled down for seaming. I’ve already sewn the shoulders — that’s how you do the collar: sew up the shoulders, then pick up the stitches around the neckline — so I just needed to sew in […]



Sometimes I’m awesome in the kitchen. I’m audacious, flirtatious, salacious, outrageous. I’m fun, fast and foxy. I’m skilled, zesty, sharp and zinging. This is a fair description of my kitchen presence 90% of the time. Other times I’m not. Not awesome, I mean. I’m daft and forgetful and knock stuff over. I put too much […]

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We’re home and damn good it is, too. I worked on Friday the whole time I was away, and it’s so close to being ready I can taste it! Taste the cardigan! I’ve finished the shawl collar and cast off: I have some doubts, to be resolved once I’ve blocked and eyeballed it. I’m concerned […]


On the go

Still away from home, but on the move. We flew to another city, collected the car, and then hit the road. Next stop: wedding. A funeral and then a wedding within 24 hours. M drove, I knit. I mentioned my hotel room blocking? It was all for this: picking up a zillion stitches from one […]

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Blocking: The quick and dirty way

Still on the road, still relying on my knitting: better living through crafting. After I finished the back and both fronts, I got the blocking underway while I worked on the sleeves. Blocking is an awesome magic trick when you’re working with wool: wool is coily and crinkly, and knitted lace is like a bunchy […]



My red Friday is roaring along. I’ve done the back and both fronts, and I’m up to the armhole on the first sleeve. The lace pattern makes it fast: it’s easy to memorise so you can charge away on it while you’re talking or flying a passenger aircraft or whatever. The pieces are fairly small […]

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