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Seedy yet seemly

That’s me, baby.

Alert readers may recall my recent reevaluation of the Learn-How List for 2012, wherein I discussed my culinary aspirations. I culinarily aspire every day, and so should you, you pleb.

On my list of Not Yets was wholegrain bread! By which I mean multigrain bread! By which I mean bread what has many seeds in! Let me explain. “Wholegrain” means the whole grain (geddit?) in question has gone into the process: bran, endosperm and cereal germ. It means brown! Brown rice is a wholegrain; oats; wholemeal flour. I use wholegrain all the damn time: what I actually meant to say was “multigrain bread” — in Australia, this means bread full of seeds. It would be perfectly kopasetic to mill many grains into a flour and call it multigrain, but most Australians think “many chunky seeds” when they hear “multigrain”.

I am a product of my culture, bread fans. I said “wholegrain bread”, but I meant “seedy bread”. Bread studded with pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, releasing a tasty nutty aroma when toasted.

Seedy bready goodness.

Yerp. Did that. Turns out to be pretty easy. I tweaked my usual sandwich bread (50/50 wholemeal/white flour, 70% hydration) to include lots and lots of toasted sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds and lo:

Flawless crunchy!

One major thing: 70% hydration based on the weight of the flour is far too dry for this dough. It ended up stiff and hard to knead, and the bread itself is noticeably dry and chewy. Delicious and nutty, but chewy. (Toasts beautifully.) In the future, I’ll take the extra seedage into account when adding water. Definitely makes a difference.

So that’s that one ticked off the Learn-How List. All this feels a bit familiar…yep. This box is double-ticked. Oh well. More seeds for me!

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