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Indecision: resolution.

That’s me, baby. Finishing Black Coffee left me anchorless, rudderless and alone in a desperate, unfriendly ocean. Without the reassuring bedrock of my black sleeveless turtleneck, the world seemed cruel, fierce and predatory. I wept torrents, obviously, but found solace in socks.

One week, yo.

Many, many socks. Socks lingering, unfinished, from years ago. A bag of last balls of Merino Supreme, set aside for the purpose of making leftovers socks. That calmed the shakes.

By the time I’d finished the bag of last balls, I was renewed. Cardigan or skirt? That’s what it came down to. The simple nature of the phrase belies the ongoing dithering I put into the choice. I was proud of having whittled it down to just three choices (two cardigans and one skirt), but I’m not proud of how long it took me to whittle it down to one.

The contenders:

Look, I’ll spare you the drama.

The beginnings of Friday.

Because despite the bold, resolute title: it’s knitting. I can unravel.

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