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Investigations followup

I’ve got a couple of things I wanted to say about my recent allergy-seeking Investigations, because frankly it’s been fantastic.

First up: I am a wholly new bethini. I am sleeping better; my stomach is happy (read: quiet and normal); I’m happier, smarter and more energetic. The difference is incredible. I’m running again (and loving it crazysicknuts), and my afternoons are no longer a cranky, ouchy, nauseated haze. When I’ve told people about this discovery, lots have said “Yeah, I think I’ve got an allergy/intolerance to something, but I’ve never figured out what…” and they go back to their lives of sporadic misery. PEOPLE. STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY. If your guts regularly play up, there’s something going down and that means something you can fix. We (M and I) figured this out by keeping track of what I ate normally; then figuring out what wasn’t setting my stomach off and just eating that for a week (a week of muesli! Good times.); then reintroducing things one at a time. We had the data to pick a pretty likely hypothesis early, which is lucky, but if we hadn’t, we would have kept searching. The difference has been astonishing: if something’s bugging your guts, you can totally figure it out and fix it!

Second up: accidents happen. The other day I had a pastry from a bakery, with a frivolous squirt of tomato sauce on the side and also menu. Tra la la, crumbs and sauce and a happy bethini sitting in the sun. While driving home, I casually mentioned to M that I’d scraped my mouth on the pastry corners…a moment later, he points out I had tomato sauce. Tomato sauce. Yep. Serious oversight there. A few days earlier, I diligently fished out most of the tiny slices of chilli in a salad dressing, figuring a tiny accidental slice or two wouldn’t kill me. And it won’t! But it will wreck my afternoon and make me stupid, slow and grumpy. The bar seems to be set pretty low: a single-serve packet of tomato sauce is enough to sink me into dithering haze. Renewed confidence in my self-diagnosis, and renewed vigilance in dodging those pesky nightshades.

Third up: Not as hard as I thought it would be. I haven’t been stumped yet, although I admit I’m still figuring it out: the peanut-butter burritos definitely need fine-tuning. Pizza has been an exciting new frontier, now that we have dodge the old favourites of tomato sauce, potato and rosemary, roast capsicum, jalapenos and so on. But it’s not been a problem: with white sauce, cheese, olive oil, pesto, caramelised onion or hummus as base options, I’m living la pizza loca. (Pretty sure that means “delicious pizza times, thank you”. Pretty sure.) Going out for dinner has been greatly enhanced by the number of places, plush or easy, that put a sample menu online: for all restauranteurs, would-be or current, reading this, take note! And when we’ve ordered pizza without sauce, making the tomato allergy thing clear, we’ve never hit a snag, snigger or shocked expression. Everyone is totally chill about it. Hooray!

So far, figuring out a food intolerance has been a major improvement in my life. If you think you’ve got something goin’ on, you can figure it out and fix it!

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