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Stockpiling II

Fig 1a: Carrots.

As you can see, I’m pickling. The earth turns, seasons change, the kitchen moves with it. Pickled carrots combine two of my fav-our-ite things, so let’s go!

I used this recipe from My Own Ideas, and it was easy as anything. (I haven’t tasted the results yet, which makes this blog post arguably premature.) Put simply: chop carrots and garlic and jalapenos, sauté briefly, then simmer in brine and bottle the lot.

Fig 1b: Carrots again

I am curious to know whether sticks or discs is better when it comes to pickled carrots. I went with sticks. Recipe mods: we’re running low on garlic and jalapenos, so I omitted both and instead threw in some sad shallots from the bottom of the crisper. That’s the beauty of pickling: age is no obstacle.

Large jar? Yes. Too large? No.

I boiled an enormous ex-olive jar until I felt it was suitably clean (20 minutes at a rolling boil, bubbles and all), and used that. Once the carrots have had a chance to simmer in the vinegar and spices for about 20 minutes, put them, still steaming, in the jar and ladle the pickling brine over the top.

Lid up. Done. You’ve just pickled carrots. Should be ready for eating in a few days, if my experience in pickling is to be believed. AND IT IS.

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