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First world problems

My Dadini just came back from a trip up towards the north coast. While away, he stayed with some old friends who are avocado growers. Guess what I have many of?

Many delicious, uber-ripe green friends are now crowding my fridge. A mix of Shepherd and Hass, if you’re interested. I’m not even sure how I’m going to use them all up, since I have enough to make the phrase “I’m sick of guacamole” more than an hilarious fib. While I’m tempted just to strip off and take photos of myself in a bathtub full of them, smirking at the camera in a salacious display of squishy green wealth, I’m going to take a more practical approach and think about my options.

Day one: avocado on toast, with tomato slices. An oldie but a goodie, and with good reason.

Day two: avocado and salad rice paper rolls with carrot/ginger/miso dressing (adapted from Happyolks).

Now from here, I’m looking for inspiration. Help me foodgawker!

There is an arresting number of sweet avocado dishes out there. I’m not at a stage where I’m interested in avocado ice cream or avocado smoothies — I can see where people are coming from with avocado as a butter substitutes in cakes. I could totally get behind that if I hadn’t gone haywire on the chocolate cake front recently, leaving me with a strong sense of antipathy towards that whole food group for the time being. So let’s rule out avocado cakes, shall we?

Ohh, has anyone got some butcher’s paper and textas? I feel a brainstorm coming on!

  • Avocado, tomato and lettuce rice paper rolls!
  • Avocado, boiled egg and pesto tossed salad!
  • Avocado, preserved lemon and chilli sushi rolls!
  • Avocado and banana quesadillas!
  • Avocado…on toast again!

I’ve run out of butcher’s paper. I’ll be honest: I don’t really feel like I want to get too inventive here. I love avocados and I don’t think the challenge here is to find ways of keeping them interesting. The challenge here is to eat them all before they go funky. I think a ginormous bowl of guacamole and friends over for burritos is going to be the best option. It combines my love of guacamole with my friends! What more could I want? (Spicy beans, that’s what.)

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