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Signs of genius

You know what’s great? Gnocchi. You know what else is great? Carrots. Boy howdy, those two things sure are great. Wouldn’t it be even greaterer if some genius combined them?

Preliminary stages of WHOA.

Well, ’round Chez Spoonfully, we be smart. Enter M and his dynamic brains.

Carroty sizzling.

He roasted four fat orange carrots until they were mashable, and then puréed them a bit further with the blender. Then he added egg, flour and salt until he had a soft but stable dough, and moulded them into gnocchi. After a quick cook in some boiling water, he got some onion, basil and rosemary sizzling in a bit of butter, then added the little gnocchs to crisp them up a little.

Briefly plated before gomfing.

These were awesome! Significantly sweeter than potato gnocchi, and beautiful with a little rosemary. In the future, we’ll make them smaller, and maybe serve with some roast red capsicum slices, too. Awyeah. Full marks to M. Someone get that dude a sash: he’s got some merit badges to sew!

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