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Sprinty sprite

I tried something new — something hard and sweaty — grumbled about it a lot, and then mysteriously found myself excited and into it. I took up running a couple of years ago and it was hard. Freaking shitnuts, it was hard. Hard and sometimes ouchy, but I kept wanting it.

Under the croft.

After a long, stubborn while, it clicked: running was awesome, bounding away like a bike someone’s ghostied down a hill. And then pain in my leg that, mid-run, had me blubbing by the creek and pretending I wasn’t. That right there was a stress fracture in the femural neck of my right leg. I’ve got Addison’s Disease and after about two years of massively overtreating with cortisone, my bones were like brittle meringue. Hence: stress fracture. (Science: sometimes it’s mean.)

Over the croft.

After the hip-pin operation last year, no walking for six weeks. After twelve weeks, my ankle swelled up and I was confined to barracks once again. My last run was in the last week of July last year.


It’s taken my ankle ages: I mend slow and there’s still some clickety-stiff in there. I’ll wait a bit more, but I tried on my new runners last week and hot dog, I can’t wait. They’re so light and comfortable…I’m infatuated with them. It’s so close I can taste it.

Light and sprightly.

Things I learned from all this:

  • If it hurts, see your doctor. Don’t keep waddling about like a fat gouty swan for a month.
  • If you try and run when your body isn’t ready, it’s gonna smack you down and rightly so.
  • If you go for a run too early, it’s not going to be the springy, bounding high you remember. It’s going to be waddly and sore, it’ll set you back and make you cry. Don’t bother and just go for another walk.

In a couple of weeks’ time, if you see something red and hunched heaving along in pretty shoes, that might be me. Don’t make eye contact.

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