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I think while I’m cooking, mostly about the process of cooking (multitasking has never been a strong skill), but also about things in general. I think about money, priorities and time, and how those things constantly have to be considered through life, readdressed, rebalanced, reshuffled, almost every day. I think about how awesome sleep is and count the hours until I next get to go to bed. I think about the neighbours’ dog, who comes in and plays in the back yard: after two years here, M and I finally made friends with her the other day and she let us scratch her ears. I’m in a pretty awesome spot, life-wise: I don’t have to cook for anyone but myself and M (and M is pretty easy to cook for), which means cooking is rarely a drudge or pain in the arse. Nourishing food is cheap, often free, and abundant around here, something for which I am constantly grateful, and I know what I like to do with it. This isn’t so much counting my blessings as not being able to move for the suckahs.

This season I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of harvest. Recently, a large zucchini:

The tip of generosity

A very large zucchini:


I can only use it up a bit at a time. This weekend, it went into a scramble, which may have been the world’s ugliest lunch while I was cooking it…

Stirred with the ugly spoon

…but bugger me: yum. You could probably figure it out, but if you’re feeling lazy, here’s what I did:

Quick and dirty veggie scramble:

  • Fry half a sliced onion in butter until it’s looking good and browned, then add a generous double-handful of shredded zucchini. Fry until the zucchini starts to look really vivid.
  • Whisk two eggs with a splash of milk and a couple of tablespoons of pesto. When the zucchini is practically ready to eat, add the eggs and stir constantly until cooked
  • Serve with toast, hot sauce and, if you’ve got some, roasted tomatoes. I had some. I recommend.

The weekend was lazy and happy; the veggies were fantastic. It’s a good time to be bethini, which I am.

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