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I Am Genius. Also balls.

Earth Hour Party: time to make a cake. I kept it easy, with a simple moist chocolate cake. Having seen Pencil Kitchen’s Mango Upside Down Cake (and holy CRAP that looks freaking delicious and different and totally new to me), I was intrigued by the dark, moist chocolate cake, the first chocolate cake recipe I’ve seen for a long time that didn’t need chopped chocolate. An essential ingredient in every recipe I cook is Don’t Need To Go To Shops. Shops can piss off.

Not pictured: Going to the shops


I very strongly much recommend that recipe. The cake is a straight-up-and-down, moist, super-dark cake. It’s soft and springy and delicious. But you get a huge whacking bowl of batter, tell you what. So I poured some in the Feature Presentation Cake tin and some in a Supplementary Loaf Tin and bunged ’em both in the oven.

The Feature Presentation Cake: flawless. I used the chocolate glaze from Pencil Kitchen’s page (40g butter + 100g super dark chocolate; melt, mix, paint on the cake with a pastry brush) and sprinkled with coconut because I was feeling a Bit Fucking Fancy. Behold:

That's how you wave a towel, son.

The Supplementary Loaf Tin cake, however, cooked equally well but suffered the fatal fate of sticking to the bottom. Aie! Inverting the tin yielded nothing: in the end we had to get the gazunder into it and scroop it out. It was still delicious, but it was all in bits. That’s when the flame of genius inside me BURST into a full CONFLAGRATION OF SMARTNESS. Cake balls.

I crumbled the cold cake into a bowl, and then mixed in a few generous spoonfuls of strawberry jam and some natural yoghurt to make it moist and squooshable. Mashed it all together into a thick, moist paste, then rolled them into balls and into the coconut.

Genius Balls.

These were incredible. Moist and soft and flavoursome, like little truffles. Most cake pops and suchlike use cream cheese, but we didn’t have any of that, and besides, too much cream cheese makes me squoozy in the tum. The strawberry jam was a killer winning move: you could definitely taste the strawberry through the chocolate. Oh GOD yes.

I don’t know if I’d make a cake from scratch just to make these, but it’s certainly a fantastic way of using damaged or too-crumbly cake. And they’re massively popular for parties.

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