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What have we here?

Today, a gift. Of the most random kind. My Dadini’s Mum was a craftsperson par excellence. Everything she turned her hand to, she turned it well. When she died in 2004, Dadini and I were among the Clean Out The Craft Room Committee. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit, it was astonishing. We found samplers and practice shots of just about every craft under the sun, from weatherwork to candlewick to felting and weaving. She had skills. And books. And supplies galore. She was also very frugal, which lead to a lifelong habit of stockpiling in times of plenty against times of want, which lead to a craft room groaning with spare supplies, unopened kits, surplus galore. A lesson in balance, blogfans: there’s a fine line between stocking up for retirement and acquisition exceeding life expectancy. I took home a few kits, some unfinished work, and a few additions to my library.

So many POINTS

I think it must have been around 2004 I had my first disappointment on eBay. I ordered a set of Boye Needlemaster interchangeable needles after hearing about them on the KnittyBoard: paid up $80 and never got them. Bummer. Seriously disappointed. Took me a long time to heal. But time moves on.

I think I went camping there once...

My Dadini’s sister visited the other day, and brought these. They probably emerged during the Clean Out The Craft Room project, but God knows how they flew under my radar. They’re the same kit I ordered and never got on eBay. I mean, not *literally* the same kit; but they’re another set of Boye Needlemaster interchangeables, identical to the ones I tried to get off eBay.

Karmic circle, yo

Cosmic. I’ve been using a set of KnitPicks interchangeables for years and they’re pretty sweet, so it’ll be interesting to compare the two sets. I’ll keep you posted.

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