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Long black

Time for an update on the Black Coffee tunic, why not?

Long black is looooong!

Not much to say, really: I keep on knitting, it keeps on getting longer, eventually I’ll finish and the sound of needles clicking will be stilled.

This is such a straightforward knit that I’m a little embarrassed to even blog about it — well, maybe not embarrassed, exactly, but I sort of feel like there’s not a lot to say. I’m hypnotised with the unvarying, ongoing pattern; I love the springy, sturdy, reassuring wool; there has been no disaster, no horrific error uncovered, nothing but simple, stepping progress as it grows longer and longer. I love it, but I admit it doesn’t make for interesting blogging. Far more exciting if I were to discover a fault in the pattern that lead me to accidentally knitting open a portal to Hell, or if the unique combination of my hands, needles, wool and posture lead me to knit something that resembled a treasure map, leading me to undreamt-of glory and adventure. But t’ain’t gonna happen. Just me and Black Coffee, sipping quietly together over here, the occasional wry chuckle as I nearly forget a cable row, and that’s about it. Details as/if they come.

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