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Stumped for inspiration, yet finding myself in the kitchen armed with a spoon and a bowl, I turned my attention to the Foodin’ Challenge List!

Today’s spectacular triumph: cornbread. Cornbread is so easy I feel a bit embarrassed about listing it anywhere even tangentially connected to the word “challenge”. It’s easier than muffins. It’s easier than garter stitch. It’s easier than growing mint.

Perfection: what a bore.

Mix your wet, mix your dry, bake. DONE. That’s it over-simplified. I pinched this recipe from The Curvy Carrot, via foodgawker. Mods: hmm, didn’t measure my cheese, so I think I ended up with less. Next time, more cheese. Also, I didn’t have any buttermilk, so I Just used the ol’ regular-milk-curdled-with-lemon juice trick. I think that barely counts as a mod, since everyone knows about that, right? I also threw in half a cup or so of frozen corn kernels. That was a seriously good move.

My GOD this is some tasty business. It’s got a texture like a coarse, crumblesome, savoury cake, and I’m really excited about all the other flavourings I’m going to add next time I make it. Cheddar, jalapenos and cherry tomato halves! Roast capsicum and crumbled feta! Chives and roast garlic! It stands alone, but the texture begs you to serve it with something thick and hot like baked beans, ratatouille, or whatever — which would be why it’s traditionally served with chilli, of course.

Care for a wedge of AWESOME?

I can see why people would be tempted to add sweet things to it: there’s lots of recipes for sweet cornbreads with lemon and blueberries and such out there. But honestly, if you’re not matching it with cheese and something lush and savoury, you’re missing out.

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