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Black Coffee update: Sipping Quietly

Black coffee continues apace! Seems to be knitting itself. I tried searching for ways in which it is like actual coffee, for the purposes of contorting a simple, pleasant pattern nickname into a lengthy metaphor that groaningly weighs this post down into the depths of pundom. Then I stopped. Thank me in the comments.

Black Coffee, in repose

Like all black knitting, it’s tricky to photograph with any detail, but the light this afternoon was ideal, so snap snap. The pattern’s simplicity is satisfying: it means a lot of repetition and a lot of patience. But it’s also what makes the design so good. That’s cool. Right now, I like how far I’ve got to go: I’m totally in the zone with this pattern. It’s simple enough to memorise, not so simple to bore me.

Good lighting makes happy knitting (probably)

I fiddled with the pattern so that the front and back are symmetrical, so now the side decreases slowly eat into the nearest cables. It took me a bit to figure out how to preserve the cable strip as the decreases eat into them, but I think I’ve figured it out, so hooray and STAND BACK.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading old issues of Twist Collective. Man, someone should give their photographers a big ol’ hug and a free pumpkin. Their pattern shoots are always beautiful.

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