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Coffee break

I can’t wait to see how many title puns I can make with this project. I’m knitting Black Coffee with dedication and commitment.


I had the camera out anyway and it was a beautiful day for photographing black cables.

Left: Black Coffee; Right: Roasted Coffee

There’s not heaps to report: it’s a good pattern, but there’s not a lot of variety. Not something you write home about, know what I’m saying? It’s rib, round and round in rib, with a cable row every 12 rows. It’s not exciting to focus on, but it’s great if you’re in the car, hanging out, talking or reading. If I couldn’t do those things while knitting it, I definitely wouldn’t progress as fast.

A tilt to really hook the readers.

I’m working in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic: an old favourite, I’ve made a couple of jumpers out of it. It wears well, it’s springy, colourfast and has great stitch definition. Its biggest flaw is that it’s a bit on the splitty side. It’s a cabled yarn (if I’ve correctly understood what a cabled yarn is) and I found it too splitty to cable without a cable needle. At first this annoyed me, because it’s with pride that I have gone so long without needing a cable needle: but then I figured, who gives a fuck? This shit looks good and I’m not about to foul it up by pretending I don’t get a better result with an extra tool. Fuck that noise. So cable needle ahoy and sexy cables result.

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