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A Tale of Two Biscuits

I made biscuits and I don’t feel that pleased about it. Normally when I make bikkies, I’m all “yaaaay! bikkies!” They’re usually easy and tasty and small and satisfying. These ones took a while to win me over. First up: Oatmeal Spiced Chocolate Cookies.

Fig 1.: DbleChcOtmlBx (North Elevation)

I have a question: why do they get called “oatmeal” biscuits/cookies when the oats in them are left whole? Anybody? And another thing: why call them “spicy” when the only spice is nutmeg? Nomenclature quibbles aside, these were okay. They were really dry when they first cooled — so dry and crumbly I thought they were duds. But the next day they’d softened slightly and they grew on me. Which is to say: I ate many chocolate biscuits yesterday. I think I still prefer my biscuits softer and chewier: but these were pretty good. I used a chicken egg instead of a flax egg, which may have been a factor in the comparative dryness of the dough. It was a super-dry dough, so I added a little extra water to help it along. I think perhaps a bit of canola oil might be the way to go.

Fig 2: DblChcOtmlBx (East Elevation)

Verdict: tasty, but not world-shaking.

Second biscuitry: Chia Seed Peanut Butter Cookies

It's got PB, it's got chocolate. Who's with me?

Ages ago I bought a packet of chia seeds at the health food shop. I haven’t the faintest idea what to do with chia seeds. Everyone on the Blog-o-web seems to be yumming them up in porridge at breakfast, but the texture puts me off. M has successfully used them as a binder in veggie burgers, too, but we don’t make those very often. So I’m trying to figure out what to do with them, and that’s how I found this recipe.

I don’t think you can go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate chip bikkies: that side of things was dangerously moreish and delicious. But the chia seeds don’t really bring much to the party except to make them a little crunchier and provide a vague mask of healthfulness over what is, fundamentally, a peanut-butter-loaded, chocolate-studded sometimes-food.


Like their chocolatey companions above, I found these too dry for me. I love moist, soft chewy bikkies, especially if they’re loaded with oats, and this pair of recipes made crunchy crumbly bikkies. Verdict: tasty, but not what I wanted.

So the whole baking scene has left me going “eh” this week. That’s a shame, but it’s cool. I love experimenting, so it’s fine that some experiments don’t quite play out the way you think they should. It wouldn’t be interesting if everything gave me multiple mouthgasms. And anyway, these bikkies are pretty tasty.

Have you started using Pinterest yet? It’s pretty fun and more addictive than you’d think. I’ve got a to-cook list a mile long. So I’ve got plenty of experimenting to do yet.

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