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FO Report: Recycled Red

It’s beautiful.

Pause for applause.

To recap:

  1. Got 10 balls of red cotton for an Xmas present: the balls turned out to have 48,000,000 metres of yarn each, so I made two tanks and an Everlasting Bagstopper.
  2. The bagstopper rocks on; the two tanks shrank in such a way that they no longer fitted. BOO. I wore them anyway, persuading myself Nobody Will Notice.
  3. Eventually wanted to make a dress: decided the red was perfect and the tanks were dead in the water anyway. UNRAVEL PARTY!
  4. Unravelled, washed, loosened, reballed.
  5. Cast on! Made meself a dress, with the enchanting name of
    111-3 tailored dress in ”Safran” with lace pattern and crochet borders.
  6. This took me 8 weeks and was waaaaay too big. I was swimming in it. Before I had a chance to start convincing myself It Was Fine, Nobody Will Notice, I unravelled. I like knitting, I like knitting, I like knitting.
  7. Cast on again, January 1. Cast off January 27. BOOYEAH! That’s some wicked fast knitting right there, dudes.
  8. Block, dry: wear to brunch.

Look! Look at this!

Pattern: 111-3 tailored dress in ”Safran” with lace pattern and crochet borders; Rav link here. Drops is a serious goldmine of knitting patterns. There’s a lot of crap, too – everyone knows the best gold is found in mines rich with guano (Fact.) — but there are loads of awesome knits to be found there, too.

Holy cow a porch mushroom!

Yarn: Spotlight Basics Yarn Bee, Article #106, “Varnished” in red. To really capture my look, you have to knit it up, wear it for about two years, unravel, wash, and reknit (twice). It’s a damn cool yarn, though: robust and not splitty, has a nice hand and wears really well.

Cavorting with delight about dress and mushroom.

Mods: Different yarn, one colour instead of two, skipped all the instructions that suggested crochet (around the hem, neckline and armholes) and accidentally used the non-lacey pattern for the bodice.

Is that another mushroom?

Verdict: YES. Would make again if I wasn’t foaming with excitement about making more dresses I’ve found on Ravelry. Like The Little Black Dress or Sparkle (Rav link).

Action shot

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