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I got home from work. I made dinner. Then I made a flognarde.


Then I made pesto.


Then I made hummus.

This is a caption to a photo of pastry baking.

Then I made a roast eggplant, capsicum, feta, pesto and shallot quiche.


I’m thinking of baking bran muffins.

I also made yoghurt and soda and iced tea and refilled all the water bottles in the fridge. I feel like I’m trying to make up for a massive gambling debt I don’t yet have.

I’m a bit surprised by this sudden burst of energy: nothing incredible happened today, I didn’t have extra coffee, I didn’t accidentally snort cocaine while blowing my nose (true story). But I got home and zing; my cooking superpower unleashed itself like a fat cat bursting through a paper bag. I could reflect on the day to figure out the trigger, and then plan to revisit the potential causes of this buzz, or I could run with it. Run like a toddler’s nose.

For a while after I got diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, I tried to keep a close eye on what variations in my day may have caused fluctuations in energy and enthusiasm, hoping to find the magic formula to secure a flawless day. Porridge + 6 glasses of water + a light walk mid-morning + wine with lunch + a good fart at 3pm + an early night with warm soy milk = ??? Now I just try and roll with it. Some days I’m up and bounding along, and I can really run with that; other days I’m tired and just want to hang back, snapping my fingers and looking cool from the sidelines; other days I’m shit on a cracker and everything sucks. It happens. Rock’n’roll. So today I got a bit of a buzz on the way home from work, felt my eyes clear, my head focus, my toes straighten, and I jumped on that pony and rode it all the way to a busy kitchen. Tomorrow I might be wrecked and stupid. If future-bethini isn’t feeling great tomorrow, she doesn’t need to sweat it: past-bethini’s got her covered.

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