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Recycled Redux

It took me eight weeks — from the end of October to the end of December — to finish my first trial run of Recycled Red, the dress I’m knitting. Eight weeks of steady progression (one or two minor rip-backs, but nothing to blog home about) to complete a dress roughly two sizes too big. I tried it on and it was immediately obvious that it was way too big; I walked into the dining room with it on and received a lot of “whoa, that looks fantastic!” which makes me wonder what everyone’s expectations were. It looked like a dress, hooray! But it was definitely too big: too wide at the shoulders, too sack-like at the back, generally too roomy and slouchy. It could be worn, but it wasn’t what I wanted. So before the tiny elves of laziness had any chance to whisper in my ear “nobody will notice”, I whipped out the balllwinder and merrily unravelled my eight weeks dress. That was a week ago, and this is today:

A quiet sprint

About 25cm along, almost ready to start the skirt decreases. Zoom! I bet I can do better than eight weeks. I mean, I’m making it a size smaller, and I’ve pretty much memorised the pattern, so it should fly along, right? Logic!

When I tried it on and announced to my admiring public that I would have to unravel and reknit, my fans assured me such steps were unnecessary — that it looked fine, could I shrink it a bit in the wash, and so on. This is a really cool pattern, and I’ve got no qualms about unravelling and reknitting: I’m not bored with it at all, so it’s no burden. At the same time, I’m really surprised at how good it looked (once I pinched the extra foot or so of fabric at the back with a stegosaurus spine of clothespegs) : the fabric had a good drape, the waistline and hem looked good. In short, it’s a super good pattern and I can see it’s worth making in a size that fits. If the badly-fitting practice run had looked wonky or seriously wrong, I wouldn’t have bothered and would now be blogging blithely about the pros and cons of working with shallot casings or something.. But no! Knit on!

The recent acquisition of several gazilion ebooks is helping progress considerably. I can sit and read and knit and demand cups of tea in a demented bray from time to time (with varying degrees of success), and if there’s a finer way of spending a weekend, I’ll bet it involves picking blueberries and frankly I don’t care.

More knitting to do. BBL.

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