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Time travel!

How else do you explain how this completely knitted dress:

Fig A: complete knitted garment, minding its own business...

spontaneously became this:

Fig B: a ball of yarn and a newly-begun knitted dress!

It’s got to be time-travel. Somehow, my knitted dress, which only required ends-weaving and tender blocking, has de-evolved into a pile of yarn cakes, a rumpled pattern and a new cast-on. Wait, I think I’ve got it: the cognitive collision caused when I realised I’d spent eight weeks knitting a lovely dress in the wrong lovely size was too much for my cranium, so it externalised as a rift in space-time, and the dress slipped through the rift! It went back in time and reverted to its embryonic, just cast-on stage!

This is big, people. Gcdet me the president.

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