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Demmed Unseasonal

It’s December 11, the eleventh day of summer, and it’s cool, wet, windy and hail-y. There’s rain, there’s thunder and lightning (there’s a brown dog FREAKING OUT on my couch), and it’s only about 20°C. I could get used to this.

Good things about summer:

  1. Cherries. Just bought a kilo from the farmers’ markets for a stupidly low price. I almost feel like asking the sellers if they know how much cherries are worth, but all the stalls are selling for the same stupidly cheap rate, so clearly the market is just in my favour right now. I don’t want anything more from life than to keep eating cherries. Except…
  2. Boysenberries. A friend came over last night and brought a bowl of boysenberries. I am blissed out on boysenberries. Boysenberry swirl was my favourite flavour of anything when I was a kid: ice cream, yoghurt, cake, packet-mix-self-saucing-pudding. They’re even better in person: lush and juicy and oooh hang on a sec I’ll be right back.
  3. Late sunsets. Can you say “drinks on the back deck every night”?

That’s all. It’s a short list and it’s mostly food things. I’m clinging to these because summer also means hot hot weather and that’s pretty sucky. Love cold weather; less love for the hot. My house stands up nicely to the heat — there’s fans, an air-conditioner, and dark shades you can pull low over the front windows so not too much light/hot gets in. Surrounded by trees, too, so we get tons of shade (and tons of comments from Negative Nancys about roots getting into the toilet pipes; honestly, whatever happened to decorum?) (where was I?) (oh yes) and tons of plums. But I can’t stay in my house eating plums all summer. Bitch’s gotta work.

So this summer, so far, it’s been cool and damp and I love it. Normally by this time of year I’m bitching about how it’s too hot to sleep: this year, slumber city. Normally I’m living on lettuce and yoghurt and whining about how it’s too hot to cook: today, I’m an all-singing, all-dancing, cherry-powered cooking machine! Bread! Yoghurt! Tabbouleh and couscous! Dolmades! Maybe later dolmades: it’s almost three o’clock and I don’t feel like blanching the vines leaves right now. On the other hand, yeeeeaaah dolamdes!

Hellz, it’s cool enough that I’m thinking of getting out the jumper I cast on at the end of spring and working on it. Then I remembered that these cool weather oases are fleeting, and turned back to the summer dress. I’m on track to finish it by, oh, 2014. It’s a good project, though.

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