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Life is mystery. And also knitting. (Is mystery.)

I’ve just started knitting a dress. I don’t pretend to understand this impulse. Let’s play bethini: Pyschoanalyst MD.

For a very long time I resisted the urge to explore the possibility of knitting anything other than wintery woolly goods. Jumpers, vests, hats, mitens, etc. All good and proper, wool-appropriate things. Trousers, skirts, shorts and dresses; definitely not knitable. This was reinforced whenever I heard other people rolling their eyes at knitted skirts and dresses (what, you’ve never heard eyes roll? It’s kind of a squishy, scratchy, scraping sound); clearly, skirts and dresses are not to be knitted.

But then along came Intolerable Cruelty and changed everything I know about knitted skirts. Damn sexy. DAMN sexy. Damn SEXY. I’ve made it twice now, and both incarnations are outta-sight-wham-bam-sexy-sam. And talk about comfortable! No, don’t. Just shut up and listen.

Anyway, that kinda broke down some barriers and lead me to question a lot of other presumptions regarding knittery. If knitted skirts can be totally cute, then why not a knitted dress? So I’m using the red cotton recycled from some tank tops that had outstayed their welcome, and I’m making a cute v-neck dress that goes by the alluring name of DROPS tailored dress in ”Safran” with lace pattern and crochet borders. The cotton is kind of tired and not as bright as it was when I first knitted with it, but I thought it worth doing a prototype in a yarn I had close to hand rather than shelling out ninety clams on new yarn. (How do I know it would be about ninety clams? Because I’ve got my eye on my new yarny crush, Kollage Yarns Riveting, in charcoal.)

So let’s see how we go: knit a dress, be awesome; or knit a pile of crap, regret ever mentioning it online. Optional step: give up knitting and take up wicker weaving.

Additional possibility: the dress is so awesome that I order the Kollage Yarn to celebrate, and while making my second dress I discover the magic of knitted leggings, shorts and pants

…I can definitely see the possibility that this will just traumatise me and reawaken the knitting boundary hangups I previously had to break down. But c’mon, a pair of snug, soft, cotton shorts for sleeping and doing yoga in? I can totally imagine doing that. Can’t you? No? Huh. Just me, then.

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