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Green green greeny green

The whole backyard is on a massive chlorophyll rush and taking me with it. It’s awesome. A few weeks ago, when I was on crutches and therefore in a non-gardening state, I planted a bajillion tomato seeds in tubs in the laundry. Now they’re big kids, sleeping in big kid pots!


I had about 55 sprouts to divide up: after separating and planting out into seedling pots, several karked it in a pathetic, sprawling, gasping fashion. Drama queens. But I’ve still come through with about 25, I think, which is certainly more than enough to be wrestling with.



a kind beneficiary (hi Mumini!) endowed me with pots and pots of herb and veggie seedlings. To go with the hydroponic basil, I’ve now got thyme (BOOYEAH) and majoram (yay, probably: haven’t really tried it…) in pots and in the bed. Not my bed, obviously. The garden bed. Don’t be stupid.

Hooray! Hooray for vegetables!

A vegetable garden! I built it! I planted them! Yay vegetables! I can’t wait to see what (a) survives and (b) is edible. The purple and white kales are really sweating my peppers: they’re so awesome. And the other, tall green kale is attracting white cabbage moths: white cabbage moths are super cute. I know the appearance of any insect NEAR my vegetables is supposed to induce tongue-clucking and head-shaking, followed by widespread chemical bombing, to crush the little bastards and their dainty wings, but I like insects and I have no problem sharing my veggies with them. Circle of life, yo.

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