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FO Report: Infrastructure

I am infused with a spirit of finish-it-uppity, like some sort of dynamic knitting vodka. Finished today: Black mitts for Dadini, Green Sprite (which I mentioned earlier).

A Most Satisfying Conclusion.

It’s good to get these done, just in time for spring (I hope I never have to knit my way out of an emergency). It’s good to finish something I had to start and restart so often — I made Dadini try the first on to confirm the fit, having had to reboot this project so many goddamn times, so I am certain they’re ripe and ready. But another unexpected result of finishing up is reclaiming half my knitting tools. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit, these suckers took a lot of infrastructure. There were so many false starts and I shoved all of them into the bag to keep track of what hadn’t worked out, so when I finally finished, I dug them out and began reclaiming all that yarn. I regained:

  • one 4mm circ
  • one set of 3.25 dpns
  • one 3.5mm circ (interchangeable)
  • one set of 4mm circs
  • stitch markers
  • stitch holders
  • two carry bags
  • five assorted balls of black yarn, including two balls of Merino Supreme

See? Infrastructure. No wonder they were slow to finish, I needed a sherpa whenever I wanted to work on them.

Give it back, varmint!

Pattern: Knucks! Tres cool design, clear and well-written pattern. Full marks!
Mods: none
Yarn: Stuffed if I know. Acrylic, found in stash. Might have come with the house.

Now the mitts have returned all my tools and Green Sprite is basking in her completed-project status, a very curious thing has appeared behind the couch:

Don't worry, I was confused too.

An empty knitting bag. (Well, okay, not literally empty, but empty of projects, which my the whole point.)

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