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Green Sprite Triumphant?

She emerges: a calmer and (dare I say it?) (dare! dare!) more sophisticated manifestation than I had ever imagined. And hot damn, she is sexay.

Green Sprite is cast off.

Actually, while we’re on the topic, and to titillate you further by delaying the Final Photo, I want to talk about the binding off. I made Wendy Bernard’s Essential Tank (Ravelry link), which is a most excellent pattern with a narrow neck. I found it problematic when I made it in cotton, because the cotton shrank and the neckline became constrictive. (I’m convinced the regular forceful yank of a tiny-necked tank over my head delayed my industrial piercing healing by months.) The pattern asks you, ever so politely, to pick up and knit, and then bind off, a couple of rounds at the neckline to yoink it into place a little. The first time I did so, it would not go over my head. I was unsurprised: I’m inclined to bind off too tightly. So I sighed, wiped away a brave tear and then punched a fire hydrant, unravelled and restarted. This time I tried the Interlock Bindoff from Knitty which is mega easy and super awesome. Looks nice, too: looks a little loose ‘n’ lacey, but good.

In through the front door, sneak around the back - peep through the window and PISS OFF, JACK!

It’s a sewn bind off, which means you have to estimate how much yarn it’s going to take to bind off. These things always say something like “cut a length of yarn three times the distance of your bind off”, and to me that’s about as useful as “cut a length of yarn the distance of your tendons while running”. Frankly, I’ve got no idea how to measure that. Do I stretch the stitches out to measure? Scrunch them? I just measure out a ridiculous amount of yarn, then double it, then cut it and then have a bit of a lie down because I’m getting dizzy from worrying about a bind off. The instructions for the Interlock Bindoff are clear as anything, and it was totally worth it. So double win: sexy new top, new skill unlocked.

Level up.


She took a bath this morning and then spent the day basking on the back porch, letting the sweet breezes of spring croon her dry. Or something. To do: weave in ends, take action photos. Can’t wait.

So Green Sprite was originally going to be a very particular thing: something pixie-sexy and awesome, designed from the ground up by me. But why reinvent the wheel? This pattern rocks and Green Sprite is loving her sexy new lines. Thank you, we’re very happy.

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