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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Green Sprite Triumphant?

She emerges: a calmer and (dare I say it?) (dare! dare!) more sophisticated manifestation than I had ever imagined. And hot damn, she is sexay. Green Sprite is cast off. Actually, while we’re on the topic, and to titillate you further by delaying the Final Photo, I want to talk about the binding off. I […]


Run run run red run

The red tops are with me no more. I turned them into long squiggly lines and dried them on a towel. Then out came the trusty ball winder and immediately turned my clean patient skein into a snarl of nauseating complexity. Guh. It took some time to figure out. Several hours, in fact. But I […]


Green Sprite resurrection: a peek

Green Sprite grows, the teasing little trollop. She wakes me from my sleep with promises of how damn sexy she’s going to be; she whispers little enticements to encourage me to pick up the needles… Things are progressing, with far more potential and substance than any previous manifestation of this vague and elusive vision.


Sock compost

Long-time readers of this blog (hi Mumini!) will know of my ongoing love/hate relationship with Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme. It’s soft, squooshy and machine-washable, and the first yarn I bought ten balls of because that’s how much you need to make a jumper. Except it isn’t. Merino Supreme has the most ludicrously low meterage of any […]


Beginning the end to begin again

I have begun the rebeginning! I’m taking two innocent red tops that have been brutalised by cruel fate and also the washing machine (cruel washing machine) and rebirthing them. Or reincarnating them. Not sure which yet. I guess reincarnating: I’m pretty sure you can do the rebirth thing without dying. And since I’m unravelling these […]


Red run red run red run

I knitted, I triumphed, I boasted online: I flaunted my success, I was prideful. But it’s okay, because I was sufficiently punished when I washed the buggers. Loved these tops so much. Essential Tank and Skinny Empire, both from Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits. Both fantastic patterns. But for the love of all things soggy, if […]

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