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Green Sprite: the legend continues!

Whether it’s some sort of enchantment or just my stupid brain thing, I can’t give up on Green Sprite. It’s really nice yarn, and the vision I had (sexy, slash neck/cuffs with a kind of autumn-dryad vibe) just won’t quit. My original design didn’t play out, falling short of yarn. So I unravelled and tried the Coffee Tunic: again, not enough yarn. Is it Green Sprite’s destiny to constantly dance just out of reach of satisfaction? Fear me…

the wilful Sprite!

…cos I’ve got plans.

The Essential Tank (Rav link). I love this pattern, but I’m hurtin’ cos my last version was spoiled by the yarn. A nice thick glossy cotton that shrank up on the first wash and now is a bit weird-shaped and too stiff. Hurtin’, I tell ya. I love that pattern because it’s easy, sexy — a well-written pattern spoiled by misbehaving yarn after the fact. On top of this, I lost a bit of weight after making it and now it the whole finished product just doesn’t look that great.

I got out my photocopy of the pattern: bethini of the past, I can only tip my bonnet to you. Throughout the pattern, she’s highlighted the details of each step for the size I made, as well as marked up where adjustments needed to be made for the different row gauge I got with the cotton. I measured the Green Sprite swatch and it is exactly the same as the red cotton. Quirky row gauge and all: Essential Tank and Green Sprite were clearly made for each other.

Unless this is that minxish Green Sprite’s way of toying with me once again.

Casting on in 3…2…

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