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FO Report: Gytha

Gytha’s done and I can hardly believe it. In keeping with the overall theme of this project, weaving in the ends and sewing in the sleeves was not only easy it was downright enjoyable. I’ve never done such a good job of sewing sleeves into an armhole. I only swore a couple of times and that was out of enthusiasm, not frustration.

This is one awesome sweater.

Pattern: Gytha by Jennifer Appleby, via Twist Collective.

Mods: Two colours — black and purple, oh yes oh yes oh yes — rather than a zillion. (Four.) Didn’t worry about the button at the neck, partly because I didn’t have any buttons to suit and also because I like it better without.

Did you get the hem? Can they see the hem?

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 ply — a workhorse yarn that machine-washes really well, doesn’t seem to shrink or bleed and has good stitch definition. Black and purple. (Sorry, Raven and Plum.)

This pattern rocks really hard. Seriously hard. Really clear and well-explained, nice big charts and so forth — this is the first thing I’ve knit from the Twist Collective and it’s caramelising my onions something fierce, if you know what I mean.

I can smell something good over there.

Practically knit itself. Weird. Awesome.

I'm going to find out what that smell was. Take a walking-away shot.

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