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Gytha: Penultimate edition

Gytha is all-but-done. Bugger my brain and serve it with aioli, because I haven’t a clue how this has come about. It just kind of…happened. And it’s completely beautiful: this isn’t one of those bad “it just happened” things like a kitchen fire or herpes.

Pensive. Gytha in repose.

My basking Gytha is beautiful. I cannot believe how straightforward and easy this sweater has been to create: I’m probably setting myself up for the most ludicrous knockdown right here, but this has been a total cruise from go to whoa. The only impediment is how many times I have to keep laying it on my lap, smoothing it with one hand and wagging my head from side to side with the idiotic self-congratulatory expression I save for just such moments. I tied myself in knots of indecision right at the beginning, when I couldn’t decide if I wanted purple or red as the contrast colour — and then realised, as soon as I spoke up, that I had actually already made the decision and just wanted someone else to not say I was wrong. Merit badge earned: decision-making. Personal insight increased by seven points.


Finished the body, then picked up stitches around the neckline for the hood and whipped that up in, oh, four or five minutes. Picked up stitches around the cuffs, neckline/hood and hem and did the decorative edging. In fact, did it a few times: I wasn’t happy with the first couple of tries, and hey, the whole affair has zoomed along so quickly that I might as well take the time to get it sexy.

Blocking was an uneventful process: I am fairly cavalier with my knitting at blocking time, because if it isn’t going to withstand a bit of rough play, then it’s not going to last long Chez Spoonfully. So it’s into the (used) bathwater, then rolled up in a towel and stomped upon (to squeeze out the water), then unrolled on top of the clotheshorse for drying. If the clotheshorse is occupado, it’s straight onto the floor. The knitting is then left to its own devices for a few days while drying. Well, normally. With Gytha, I kept pausing to admire it on the clotheshorse, wagging my head from side to side as aforementioned. Seriously, this has gone so fast I feel like I’ve only played a supporting role in its production.

Personality shot: charismatic.

Dried and ready: all that remains is to sew in the sleeves and weave in the ends. And I expect that when I get home it’ll have taken care of those already. Very self-reliant, this sweater.

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