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Basking Gytha

I can’t believe how quickly this baby is coming along. It’s out of control and I’m mega-excited. Possibly disproportionately so. Checkit: blocking the body and sleeves before work this morning.

Inside-out, kerpoffle

I attribute the zoom of Gytha to the fact that I’m still gimping about on crutches. It’s a pain in the arse to move around, ergo I’m spending more time on the couch, ergo I’m knitting more. On top of that, I can’t drive, so I’m always a passenger — and passengers have knitting hands. More knitting time right there. All the same, it’s like ghosts are knitting it when I’m not looking.

Also arms!

I kinda like the fact that the ghosts I have attracted are into knitting, as opposed to, say, china cow collecting or something. I wonder what other interests I and the undead have in common?

STATUS REPORT SUMMARY: Body and sleeves of Gytha looking fantastic and blocking nicely. Next step is to do a three-needle bind off on the shoulders, sew in the sleeves and start the hood! Rockin’ out.

A word on blocking: the correct way of blocking is to have a sturdy, immaculate, wet-wicking surface upon which to pin your lovingly moistened knitted pieces. Ideally marked with a measured grid, you should then pin your knitted pieces with flawless symmetry to your personal measurements. If you’re me — and I am — another approach is to shove the knitting in the bath water (once you’re out, I mean), then squoosh them with old towels and dry them on the floor. Less precise, more speedy, certainly easier than pinning out measurements, particularly when you’re on crutches and crawling around on the floor adjusting pins is awkward.

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