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I’m on crutches and while it’s not awful, it’s not grilling my cheese either. Spring has arrived with the kind of hyperactive force normally displayed by puppies on crack (note: does not advocate giving puppies crack. Crack is expensive and puppies can’t tell it from sherbet anyway.) and I can’t do the stuff in the back yard I’d really like to do, like finish the vegetable garden, weedmat/mulch the front fruit tree bed, plant strawberries, etc.

So instead, I’m planning. I’m researching companion planting and organic pest control; I’m doodling garden plans (“and then the pavers should sweep past the elephant-shaped strawberry patch, towards the rosemary chessboard…”) and looking up planting versus harvesting times. And I’m cashing in on the Spoonfully Seed Bank!


Last summer I saved the seeds from one of our tomatoes (picture provided to remind you what a tomato is):

Ahh, happy times.

as well as the seeds from some really good rockmelon and watermelon from the Farmers’ Markets. Today I cashed in and planted them. I also planted some broccoli and beetroot because, well, why not.

Recycling at its finest!

In the spirit of minimising waste and making use of what’s on hand, I planted all my seeds in planters fashioned from leftover milk cartons, etc. I suspect there’s some submerged psychological impulse there…something about growing sprouts in kindergarten and not getting a turn with the pinking shears or something.

A safe outlet for my craft flashbacks.

I’m on crutches for another five weeks minimum, and all these seeds are supposed to be ready for planting out in six-to-eight weeks. So I’ll be off the crutches, and then the following week, it will be time to plant the wee ones out! Lines up nicely and makes me feel less grumpy about not being able to do the other, more vigourous stuff. See me being all mature and patient? Making the best of things, being sensible and calm and not chucking a wobbly even a bit.

Lessons in patience brought to you by plants in polyurethane.

So, in about six weeks’ time, look for the inevitable post about planting the seedlings that grew while I was recovering, leading to crapping on about healing, growth, patience, etc. If you don’t feel like waiting that long, here’s the tl;dr version: cycle of life, yo.

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