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Limping while Gytha races

You know, people — well, knitters, mostly, but other folks too — joke about having some sort of injury that involves being laid up so they can lay around, knitting and reading and watching videos all day. But I’m here to tell you it sucks. It sucks mega curds.

So after a month of limping about on a sore bum muscle I injured while running, I finally ran out of hilarious descriptions of my gait (“a gouty old labrador” was my favourite) and took myself off to get it x-rayed. From thence, it was a matter of hours until I was booked in for surgery for the following Monday to get the newly-discovered stress fracture pinned into place. Exciting! After a straightforward surgery, an uneventful night in hospital, and a really long and tearful day of waiting waiting waiting to be let home, I came home completely pooped and armed with crutches.

Moving everywhere on crutches is a huge, huge pain in the bum — but an even bigger pain in the bum would be a complete fracture where my stress fracture is, so I’ll be good. You’d think the amount of enforced sitting would result in buckets of frantic, frustrated knitting, but so far, I’ve just been too spanked to make the kind of amazing progress I assumed I’d make. But it takes more than a snoozy and fidgetty bethini to slow down Gytha — the body’s done, and here’s the first sleeve!

Go go gytha stripes!

I’ve got some qualms about how wide the sleeves are. I find bell sleeve jumpers really pretty to look at, but when I try wearing them I inevitably dip them in the sink or my cup of tea or something — I’ve begun to really appreciate the fitted sleeve. But the sleeves on Gytha aren’t hugely belly, just slightly flared, and the photos on Ravelry don’t suggest tea-dipping sleeves. So maybe I’ll just chug away with what I’ve got and see how it goes. Mind you, that’s the approach that led to me walking on a stress fracture for four weeks before I got it scanned.

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