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Gytha on the go!

After dithering for a bit over yarn choices (Black body certainly: red vs purple contrast? THESE ARE THE CHALLENGES THAT WRACK US AT NIGHT.), Gytha is damn near knitting itself. I get home from work and notice the yarn has rolled across the room. “Oh, that?” clack the needles, “kind of bounced off the couch when we built up a bit of speed…pass it here, would you?”

Check this high-speed action out:

Holy CABBAGES that went quick.

I finished the patterned hem in a weekend. A weekend, people. To be totally fair, we went down the coast and I was taken off driving duties due to a sore driving leg, so I had two hours of sitting and knitting, followed by an evening of hanging out with chums and knitting, followed by another two hours knitting on the drive home the next day, but seriously, we’re talking…okay, that’s probably about seven or eight solid hours of knitting. That makes it less astonishing, now that I break it down, but no less satisfying! Weekend, yarn, BAM: patterned bit done. A timely reminder of what I can do if I actually, y’know, do it. Instead of knitting four stitches and then going ‘I really should be folding the washing’.

Also, I think I should get some sort of Achievement Unlocked medallion for working that much stranded knitting in the car without puking up everywhere.

Study: Gytha in repose. Not appearing: puking.

I’m kicking arse all about the single-colour contrast (and frankly I don’t know what that means). A lot of the colour combos people are rocking on Ravelry are pretty sweet, but not for me, yannow? I’m not always monochrome, but I’m heavy on the black and less on the polychromatic spree. So I went with black and purple and I’m really glad I did: to keep the strips of stranded colourwork broken up, I threw in a few extra lines of black, which is such a minor mod it’s hardly worth mentioning. I like this very much. The purple is leftover from Corona — which, through a pretty cool coincidence, I am wearing RIGHT NOW — and I am pleased to find an outlet for that lingering three-quarter ball. Once I do the stripes on the sleeves and hood, I’ll have exhausted that remaining purple yarn and I’m getting a huge knitgasm out of that.

It's not a blog post without a macro shot.

I know I’m not the only knitter who feels this way: I get a buzz from using up every scrap of yarn. Is this observable in other arts? Do painters get a purr out of really wrenching the paint tube to squeeze out the last blob of colour? I like using up the last page in a journal, too, and when I’m cooking I use up every scrape of each ingredient, composting only what truly can’t be used. Is it instinctive frugality? Does it emerge from my more general instinct of use it up, waste not, leave only footprints, etc. as I attempt to minimise how many bugs I squish while walking the green and blue planet?  Or is it some sort of smug intellectual conquest: the challenge in finding a use for the apparently un-useable?

I may be overphilosophising here. If it’s worth thinking about, it’s worth overthinking.

Since the above pictures were taken, I’m zooming up the back towards the back neck shaping and it is looking freaking awesome. I can’t wait to start the striped sleeves, and that’s not a sentence I commit to lightly. I am so chuffed that I could swear I feel the icy hand of Irony lovingly stroking my fingers, while Irony’s loving breath whispers “that’s the way, my sweet, let your guard down…just for a second…congratulate yourself just one more time…make it public…” (Irony is about to be slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit, if you ask me.)

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