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If you’ve read, say, four posts on this blog, you’ve probably encountered at least one of my pet obsessions: the glories of breakfast. Oooh, wonderfullest time of the day. It’s magical. Now that I think about it there’s probably more written about it than any other daily meal. I can’t seem to go two pages on the net without finding someone telling me the many pluses of brekkers — usually “helps you lose weight!” followed by “stops you eating snacks all morning!” which is basically just the first point in a new hat. People, pro tip: there are other indicators of healthy eating apart from “makes you thinnner”

Where was I? Oh yes, breakfast. Breakfast rocks: you know all the health stuff, so I won’t wave that around too much (all I can say is, yes, a healthy breakfast is completely fantastic and you’re a fool if you don’t do it, but it’s not going to undo the damage if all you eat the rest of the day is chips and crystal meth). The other thing to remember is how delicious it is. Breakfast gets the best foods. Today’s evidence: muesli. I’m a sucker for toasted muesli, but the other day when I was out for breakfast with M, I ordered untoasted muesli in the café. Well. Yes. It was bliss.

This is my attempt to recreate The Gods untoasted muesli. The most heavenly arresting thing was the coconut and almonds, so that’s what I focused on. Unsurprisingly, it was really easy to make: I just filled up the jar with each layer until the proportions looked about right.

bottled goodness


  • 420g untoasted rolled oats
  • 100g untoasted, unsalted slivered almonds
  • 130g untoasted, unsalted pepitas
  • 75g untoasted, unsalted sunflower seeds
  • 90g untoasted, dried, shredded coconut
  • 150g sultanas

Seriously? Mix in a jar. Scoop into a bowl or eat straight from the jar. I don’t care, I aintcha Mum.

While running a while ago, I hurt my leg/hip/arse in a very enthusiastic manner. (I am nothing if not thorough.) It has left me hobbly and cranky for weeks, only just managing the walk from the car to the house, nevermind running. The other night I dreamed I was running again. I was so happy. What made me super happy was this: as I ran, I shovelled oats into my mouth, by the fistful, from my hip bag. I take this as a sign. This untoasted muesli is going to make me big and strong and get me running again! Yeah! Because there’s no better medical advice than that dispensed by the borderline-pyschotic unconscious mind during the vibrant hallucinations of sleep.

Close-up deliciousness!

Tomorrow this will be my delicious filling healthy breakfast, with fresh apple and soy milk. Since it would take some sort of bizarre cosmic coincidence (or simultaneous cohabitation) for you to also enjoy this tomorrow for breakfast as well, I can only wish you well as you dine on your pencil shavings and frozen peas or whatever you people who don’t make muesli eat.

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