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You know, I just lost nearly ten minutes looking at the word “Gytha” and wondering how to make up a Witty Post Title with it. And by witty, of course I mean pun-tastic. But I couldn’t. So all posts regarding this project could easily end up being called Gytha I, II, etc. Just warning ya there.

While we’re on the topic: whenever I see it, in my head I hear “Gytha, for shame!” from Tony Robinson’s reading of Terry Pratchett’s “Witches Abroad”. For those not in the know, Gytha is Nanny Ogg’s first name, and that line is Granny Weatherwax rebuking her for hunting for a particularly valuable object in the home of a recently deceased sister witch.

I’ve been planning on making Gytha for so long now it’s ridiculous. As a rule, I chew over ideas for a long time. There are some odd exceptions, where the time between conception and beginning execution of an idea is thirty seconds or so, but as a rule, I usually spend more time mulling over options and weighing up alternatives and planning things out than actually doing them. Deciding what to put on a sandwich can be agonising. With Gytha, I had the yarn, I had the pattern (a birthday present from two years ago was a bundle of patterns from Twist Collective), all printed and nice and ready to rock. And for some reason it never showed up. Realising I was actually going to have to do something in order to transform the concept into the reality, I began swatching last night. I’ve decided on a two-colour Gytha. Black overall, with a contrast. Narrowed my choice down to red or purple and, like the big fancy grownup I am, swatched for it (instead of just whining and holding strands of the yarn together and squinting and then whining some more and then complaining when the final product didn’t look right):

Indecision at its finest.

This nearly derailed the whole project. My previous indecision, instead of being resolved, was whipped into a frenzy of dithering. I showed M, who knew what I needed: “that one”. He said, pointing to the purple. “Oh good! Thanks, I was leaning that way myself…” at which he commented that whenever I complain about indecision, it’s not usually completely accurate. If he had pointed to the red and said “that one”, I would have said “really? are you sure? why that one?” and spent some time smoothing the swatch on the couch, turning my head at various angles and thinking “well, it *is* nice in the red…” I already knew where my tastes lay, but for some reason felt like I was unqualified to judge.

Gytha is underway and has turned out to be far more introspection-laden and self-revelatory than I would have thought. I suspect this stuff has been in the mole-addled subterranean kingdom of my mind, and knitting merely provides an outlet or a metaphoric structure with which I can explore it.

My other cherry-topped bowlful of indecision related to what size to cast on. I’m between sizes, as usual, so I can either have one that’s slightly bigger or slightly smaller. Common wisdom points out that slightly bigger is usually better for sweaters, because you wear them over clothes. But I like my clothes snug. I love me that thar negative ease y’all be jawin’ about. So I’m casting on the smaller size. Look at that! Indecision resolved! You saw it here first, folks.

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