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Green Sprite reflections

Just when I thought I’d made peace with Green Sprite’s limitations, preparing myself for a sleeveless version, maybe with a nice i-cord trim around the neck to make up for a lack of sleeeves…my eye is caught. I’m trying to circumvent the oft-used metaphor of the dissatisfied lover whose head is turned by some swaggering honey, but it does seem compellingly appropriate. I see something like the Coffee Tunic. And I’m stumped. Or I see Nurgake (Ravelry link) or Kieslghur (‘nother Ravelry link) and I think “sheeeeet that’s sexy”. Green Sprite would have been sexy as hell if it had manifested as I had originally planned, but now I know exactly how much (or, perhaps more accurately, how little) yarn I really have, I feel like I need to restart, rethink, reflect, reassess, etc. etc. All these re- words to suggest starting over. You know, I say “suggest”, but at the time of writing that, I already had the ballwinder on the table, hungry and waiting. Feeling bold and brave (and, if I’m honest, looking for reasons to unravel), I determined it Trying-On Time.

Modelled by meeeeeee!

Hmmm. Baggy. Not too baggy for a sleeved, sexy-robin-hood-forest-nymph tunic thing…but definitely too baggy for a sleeves tank. Green Sprite, it’s time we had a talk. New plan for Green Sprite!

  1. Unravel current version.
  2. Cast on the Coffee Tunic, as linked above, and call it Green Sprite.
  3. Have a cup of tea.

Remarkably straightforward, now that I look at it. My one concern about the coffee tunic is that the pattern says “one size fits XS-L (28-39″ bust)”. That description suggests a lot of stretch. Could be fine, but if I’m in the XS pond, it could also mean the end result is so stretchy as to make it baggy and bulky. Since I’m working with a finite amount of yarn here (and optimistically planning a heavily cabled turtleneck, it may be worth my while to cast on fewer stitches and work fewer pattern repeats. Hmm. I wonder if it’s better to do some figuring out now, or if I should just jump in and see what happens? And which do you think I’m going to do?

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