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FO Report: Small mistake rib socks (ERROR: PITHY PROJECT NAME NOT FOUND)

(Not featured: awesome photos.)

Stats first:
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid, in a dark teal colour whose particular colourway title eludes me but doesn’t really matter anyway, because ‘dark teal’ more or less covers it.
Pattern: None, made it up as I went along. I wrote it down on some paper but I think it got used as a shopping list and now I’ve lost it. But it’s socks! You can figure socks out.

Maybe FO “report” is a little grandiose.

a fleeting glimpse of flouncy footwear

The thing about photographing socks is that you really need a model who isn’t you.

I had one fat, lush skein of Arucania Ranco in dark teal. It’s good stuff: sturdy and soft. Most of it went into a slouchy baggy hat; and there was enough left over for socklets. I had to be a bit clever here, which puts me way out of my usual derrrp zone. I don’t like rogue bits of yarn kicking about, no good for any project and clogging up the Roomba, so I wanted to use up every last skerrick of the ball. Ahh, toe-up socks, how I love thee. These were a blast to make. Quick, small (read: portable) and slightly challenging.

Toe-up socks: fit them as you go, make them as long as your yarn allows, win all the way to the museum. The only drama, my little llama farmers, is making sure you have the same amount for both socks. You can do this by weighing the ball, calculating half and then winding it into two balls of equal weight; or you can (if, say, you’re heading away with friends for a week in the Victorian alps and don’t want to lug a set of scales around, having already comprehensively overpacked with regard to dried fruit and novels) knit the first sock past the heel, put it on some scrap yarn/spare needles/stitch holders and cast on the mate with the other end of the ball. I love doing this: there’s something funny about carting about the first sock still plugged in to the working yarn, like some sort of patient twin waiting for its clone to show up to play.

Once the mate sock has reached the same level of progress as the first, you start working both of them, alternating one round of each, until eat up all the remaining yarn. The biggest challenge for me was only having one set of needles to do this with: each sock sat on two needles, and then a fifth needle for working the stitches. A bit awkward, but not impossible.

The legs (i.e. everything above the heel) and the top half of the feet is worked in mistake rib. It looks fantastic, is light and springy, and, well, that about covers it. What more do you want? Rubber biscuit?

Efforts to persuade others to model have been unsuccessful, because I refuse to give them the socks.

Love love love mistake rib. Basically it’s 2×2 rib worked over an uneven multiple of stitches (multiple of 2, + 1 extra). Tons has already been said about making beauty out of a mistake, deliberate mistakes leading to a complex and pretty pattern, etc. etc. I’m not going to bother: get zen on your own time, Im busy. Got bread to make, emmereffers!

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