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More zestfulness

The preserved lemon experimentation continues! Tonight: zesty preserved lemon guacamole.

I’m pretty damn sure you don’t need a guacamole recipe, because you probably know how to make guacamole. And even if you didn’t, the Internet is shrieking with guacamole recipes. But I’ll tell you this: preserved lemons make guacamole freaking incredible. (Probably all the salt and lemon, d’ya think?) Seriously delicious. Ridiculously delicious. This is all we had for dinner delicious. (That’s half a fib: I also had a martini.)

Hard to photograph when you're quivering with desire. DESIRE...

Avocado. Chillies. Purple onion. Red capsicum. Preserved lemon. That’s it. BAM: serve with slices of capsicum, tortilla chips or whatever you like to dip in stuff and eat off.

Vegetables come in rainbows too!

That’s right, Skittles: I’ve got your rainbow right here. We’ll probably have this again for breakfast. In fact, we’ll probably keep having this as long as our avocado supply holds out.

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