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A zesty experiment sees fruition!

Do you remember I preserved some lemons? I do. Hellzyeah I do.

M made a huge pot of mushroom bourguignon and served it with pasta. Delicious and enchanting. He also added poppyseeds and finely chopped preserved lemons and HOLY CRAP it was good. Now I’m on a quest! A quest of What Else Can I put Preseved Lemons On Or In?  Preserved lemons are tender and uber juicy: each one is like a smack in the face of citrus and salt and frankly, both of those are enough for a happy bethini. Together, you’ve got something you’ll practically want to eat straight out of the jar without closing the fridge when I think nobody’s looking.

Extra thoughts if you’re thinking of preserving some lemons yourself:

  • a few days after you’ve first bottled them, open the bottle and top up the lemon juice: as they settle, the level will drop and you really wnat them completely covered
  • cut them into mega skinny strips before you start: it’ll make them easier to squish into the jar, and you usually want them chopped up small anyway
  • take the time to flick out the pips when you’re getting ready to bolt them
  • ZOMG you totally should because they’re dead easy and totally delicious

Tonight’s recipe: spinach with ginger, chilli and garlic and preserved lemon.


Easy peasy. Finely chopped garlic, shallots, ginger and chilli. Adjust the quantities to what seems right — when I make it again, I’m going to double the ginger and chilli. Fry these spicy friends in a little oil. Take a huge bunch of silverbeet or spinach; if you’re using silverbeet, chop up the stalks and give them a head start with the spices, as well as a generous couple of pinches of cumin seeds. Then add the finely shredded leaves: fry them for a bit until they turn a really vivid green, and then throw in a little water (maybe ¼ cup?) and let it steam the leaves into softness. Add plenty of salt and black pepper as it’s steaming away. When all the water is gone and the leaves are tender enough to suit your liking, it’s ready! Hooray!

Serve hot with extra black pepper and…tonight’s secret ingredient…a shitload of chunkily-chopped preserved lemon.

Drink in the zestiness!

I have some other ideas: I’m thinking of something with broccoli and chilli tossed through pasta…I’m thinking of something with chargrilled zucchini, roast capsicum and haloumi…I’m thinking of something with avocado, black pepper and tortilla chips…I’m thinking of something with pumpkin, roast almonds and rocket…if it were spring, I’d be thinking of something with asparagus and hollandaise…oooh baby, I’m a happy blogger. Stay tuned.

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