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When I first started knitting, I made scarves. Everyone makes scarves. Once I was pretty sure of the whole knit/purl mechanism, I decided to branch out and teach myself some patterns. I bought oodles of blue and white wool and made square after square from Mumini’s Cleckheaton pattern book. I taught myself how to cable, played with lace, experimented with different ribs and textures and basically taught myself a whole lot about knitting. It was a fantastic way of experimenting. Then I stitched all my squares together and voila: beginner’s blankie.

Still gets used a lot: I had planned to back it with blue flannellette, to give it some structure, but I prefer how slouchy and stretchy it is. And so does Tawnee:

Don't be deceived: she's actually a brutal grammar freak.

She spent a very cute afternoon snuggled in it on our couch while we were puppysitting, completely happy except for when somebody kept waking her up for photo ops.

Rude interruptions are best treated to a withering glance.

It’s nice to have your knitwork appreciated.

I was not discouraged by her heavy sighs.

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