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In praise of glittens

I do FO reports when I finish a knitting project, but you very rarely get to see the post-honeymoon life. Jumpers that went on to sag; scarves that turned out never to be quite long enough; socks that wore through as soon as you raised your voice: I’m sure we can all imagine the endless string of heartbreak that goes on behind finished knitted objects, once that first FO glow has faded and they’ve been through the washing machine. So I want to spend a post praising one of my favourite projects: my glittens.

Motherlovin' Motherlode

How do I love thee? A few years ago I taught a friend to knit: I encouraged her to think of the way knitting patterns are ranked not as a “difficulty” system, but a “fiddly” system. That is, if a project is marked “difficult”, it’s just going to be more time-consuming. The process of creating each stitch doesn’t change, you just might have to do some of them awkwardly. Her first knitted project was a lace beanie, her second: Broad Street Mittens. She did a fantastic job and they were beautiful. I loved them and associate this pattern with her whenever I think of it. She also gave me the word “glittens” (glove-mittens, get it?) which I choose to use with glee. Glee and glittens. All that glittens is not glee! I could go on! I shan’t. (You’re welcome.)

Lovingly used

I love Lorna’s Laces yarn and so should you. This is Lion and Lamb in Motherlode and it’s heaven. From one skein I got these glittens and a pair of wee footlets — and today I found a small leftover ball that will be used to further ornament my Slouchy Sockhead hat with i-cord tentacles. This yarn is the gift that keeps on giving! As you can see in the photo above, they’re starting to pill across the palms. That’s after four winters, and one of those included four weeks’ backpacking in Europe: I think I can forgive a little pilling after that kind of wear. They get scrunched into pockets, stuffed into backpacks and handbags, and generally stomped and abused (it’s nothing personal: that’s how I treat all my stuff), and they still rock.

Scrunched for action

I love this pattern. Glittens are just an awesome idea, and the Broad Street Mittens does them well. Long live the glittens!

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