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In which I get slightly philosophical about Green Sprite

Time for a check-in with Green Sprite!

So, I have finished writing up the pattern up to the waist decreases: this sounds like a lot of progress, but actually, I just kinda bashed it all out, from the start to there, in a couple of hours. It’s extremely rough and unrefined, and in the interests of being able to backtrack later and check my decisions (to see where I’ve gone disastrously wrong, obviously: I can’t imagine sitting down with a sherry and rereading the decisions I made with a satisfied chuckle), it’s full of notes like “umm, I guess I’ll round up here to make it a multiple of 2…” and “well, the maths says 73.834 sts, so I’ll round it up to 74…no wait 72 because I like 72 because it’s a multiple of 12 and 12 is cool”. Logic: I do it. Here’s a photo so that you know I’m not just barking out my arse here: there is genuine progress happening!


I’ve finished knitting the upper back from the provisional cast on to the armpits. My God, provisional cast ons. My attitude towards them inevitably follows the trajectory of hating it them while I cast on and pick up the stitches; then mellow as I progress; then I hate them again when it comes time to “unzip” them and pick up the necessary stitches; and then when (if) I successfully wrestle it all into line and work towards a finished object, I magnanimously decide they are Worth The Trouble and will fall into the trap again next time, like a really stupid lab rat trusting that this time the electric shock won’t get me when I take the cheese. Yep. Right now, I’m in the “mellow as I progress” phase — I’m about to try and pick up stitches from it to work down the front and that means I will shortly plunge into hate as I try to unzip it. (Looking forward to it, actually.)

Details: the above picture, but closer.

An interesting thing about this whole process: I have a remarkably clear idea about what I want to produce, and in theory, I’ve got the maths to do it. What I don’t have is the kind of experience and familiarity with translating ideas into patterns that allows me. There is a big learning curve in progress, and I am making baby steps along it — but ultimately, after all the pattern planning and swatching, you’ve eventually gotta jump in and start knitting it. You brace yourself for potential unravelling, for disappointments, for near-misses, but honestly: you’ve just gotta start knitting. I was surprised: I had worked on the pattern for a while, but not, like, months. Just a couple of hours, really. And suddenly it was time to start the actual construction? Surely there was more groundwork to do? Nope. Like every creative endeavour, if you don’t stop planning and start doing — and, I believe, the earlier the better — you’re just wanking. So I stopped wanking, cleaned up, and cast on.

About to pick up the stitches at the shoulders and work down the front. I’ll keep you posted.

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