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FO Report: Sockhead hat

…or: Adventures in Self-Portraiture.

Let this post be a double-whammy of learningness for you! Self-portraits are not easy to manage without a remote control and a tripod for your camera. Add short arms, poor motor control and and fidgety fingers that keep accidentally hitting the power button instead of the take-a-photo button and there’s a fair bit of trial-and-error.

I finished my Slouchy Sockhead hat! Whee! But it wasn’t an immediate rush of love upon casting off. There were some reserves and concerns and doubts and that sort of thing. See, a while ago I cast on a test: same yarn (different colourway), but not enough to make a whole hat. Just the rib and a little stockinette: now it’s a dreadband, bravely fighting back the locks. The yarn stretched a lot, so when it came time to cast on for realsies, I only did 120 sts (not 144, as the pattern recommends). Plus, I accidentally worked the four inches of rib in 1×1 instead of 2×2 rib, so it’s much more springy and clingy and less slouchy and…clouchy.

The big question: could it be slouchier?

But I think it works: firstly, it’s loosening with use-enning, and secondly (which perhaps I should have mentioned first), I gave it tentacles! Wee tendrils at the end: three several-inch tails of i-cord with dangling, unwoven-in ends. I like ’em.

Now, lessons in self-portraiture.

1. Don’t pretend to have noticed something fascinating out the window: nothing is going to draw your viewers’ attention away from the fact that (a) the photo is wonky; and (b) your light fitting seems to have a big white penis.

Why, what could THAT be?

2. Do smile a little so that your profile looks a bit less like an eerily-calm mug shot.

Wanted for urbane terrorism.

3. Do pay attention to your camera…


…and the zoom.

Missed again.

4. Do consider using props when you notice that self-portraiture doesn’t seem to be working out so great.

Still life with slouch

5. Do press friends into modelling. True friends will always be willing to help, or at least lack the capacity to decline.

(He owes me money.)

…but be careful: sometimes friends will look better in your FOs than you do. Don’t be discouraged and certainly don’t surrender the goods on the spot.

Good friends know style.

Project details

Pattern: Bohoknits’ Sockhead hat. An awesome design, totally straightforward, comfortable and fun. Great talking/travel knitting. Like I said, I accidentally worked the rib in 1×1 instead of 2×2: I think 1×1 generally looks better, but I don’t think it’s so critical that I need to rebuild. Five stars!

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy, in a shifting dark teal colourway that speaks of the abiding mystery of rockpools. (Greenish.) Really nice yarn, one of my favourites, although I don’t think it does so well with machine washing, which makes it perfect for a rarely-washed item like a hat.

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