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Green Sprite initiated

I’m bull-charging along on Green Sprite! Powering up the ramp! Surging up the waterfall like an egg-bloated salmon! Bounding over crouched leapfrog co-players at ripcord speed!

I’ve finished and washed my swatch and came up with a fabric I love: 24 sts x 36.5 rows over 10 x 10 cm. Splendid. This is the solid maths that makes the foundation to the rest of the project. After doing the mental equivalent of bouncing tentatively on the water-soaked and obviously rotten diving board, I am ready to jump in and start planning! Yes, planning!

Overall plan:

  • Make body.
  • Pick up armhole stitches, make sleeves as long as yarn supply allows.
  • Have a snack.
  • Buttons.

General plan for the body:

  1. Provisional cast-on across back neckline, then work upper back down to the backs of the armholes, then put to one side.
  2. Pick up stitches from either side of back neckline, leaving some for later, then work both sides of front down the neck-slash, then join across that gap and work as one piece for the rest of the way. Work armholes to match the back.
  3. Join front and back in a glorious circular!
  4. Increase for bust; work even in bust width for a little bit.
  5. Decrease for waist; work even in waist width for a little bit.
  6. Increase for hips; work even in hip width until bored and then cast off.

Nothing very shocking in all that, right? You’d tell me if there was something glaringly stupid in all this, right? Look, I drew pictures to help the thought process! I’m totally freestyling outside the box or some shit:

You can smell the wheels turning...

And then I did one to visualise the front. Only by this time dinner was nearly ready and I was getting antsy, but I think you get the general idea. can smell the wheels jamming!

The general idea: I haven’t got a Blue’s clue. I’ve begun nutting out the numbers, which is a really fun process if you like maths, which I do. I’ve been typing it out stream-of-consciousness style so far, so that I’ve got a comprehensive record of all the numbers and decision-making processes I used. Here’s a sample of the upper back instructions:

Increase to armpit HALF-circumference over next 4cm

– from 35cm at start to 41cm = inc 6cm = inc (* 2.4 6)
14.399999999999999 sts; that would be about 7 at each side
– 4cm = (* 3.6 4) 14 rows? Let’s say 6 then one to finish.

CO 2 sts at edge of next 4 rows (inc of 8sts), then CO 3 sts at edge
of next 2 rows (inc of 6sts) (total inc = 14 sts), then work 1 row
plain, if needed, so that last row is WS? (+ 84 14) 98 sts in total.

This has so far been a sensible approach. After deciding to change the length of the armholes halfway through, I was able to easily, calmly, maturely, go back through my notes and substitute the new centimetre values in the appropriate locations to reconfigure the whole thing. I was also able to refrain from calling my previous self “madder than a sack of coffee-slurping jackalopes” or “a few purple carrots short of a crisper” because I could trace the decision-making process she used.

I feel so clever. I have sketched out as far as the waist decreases, but I’m going to change the neckline. That was a tough call: I’m so proud of all the figuring out I did  for the front upper body, but the neckline isn’t quite what I want. At first I was all “eeeeeh” and “but I worked so haaaard” and “eeeeeeeennnh” and then M asked me what that gawd-awful noise was, so then I was all “right, if I’m going to design a top from scratch, it sure as trousers is going to be the design I want!” The neckline I’ve currently got sketched out would be nice, but not exactly what I want. And if it’s not exactly what I want, then what is the point? So I’ll rejig it and then let you know what I come up with. I’m really excited: I enjoy this wrangling-out-the-numbers part.

We are now entering the lovely, floaty, prelude phase of the project, where I zoom along on tracks greased with the oil of optimism through a landscape ornamented with the lush bushes of novelty. Look! A pasture full of hubris-cows! Must be an overestimation of one’s abilities farm! Stay tuned.

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