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Many words on hummus: Part 2

Secondary subtitle: Things I learned while making hummus! “Many words on hummus: Part 1” was PHILOSOPHY; Part 2 is PHACTS.

Aunty Wikipedia tells me it is “also spelled hamos, hommos, hommus, homos, houmous, hummos, hummous, or humus”, but I’m happy to say that searching for “hummus” took me to the right page and that page was titled “hummus”, so from now until the day I die, that is how I shall spell hummus.

A pre-roast toast...

Toasting sesame seeds is easy. Burning sesame seeds is mega easy. You wouldn’t believe how mega easy those suckahs burn. Turn your back for a second and they go dark. Plus, what you or I would think of as “burnt” is waaay too late when it comes to sesame seeds. They can only be slightly browner than when you put them in: any darker than slightly-brown is too-brown. Once they’re too-brown, the roast-nutty flavour becomes dark and bitter and that will carry through to the hummus, my friend, I assure you.

...a post-roast boast!

Housemates are not mollified by the argument “I was trying to take photos for the blog” if you spill a galaxy of toasted sesame seeds because you were trying to get a photo of them tumbling into the food processor.

Some photographers can successfully photograph a food processor in motion. You are not one of them.

Smoosh, whirr, whirr, smoosh...

Fortunately, you have many other fine qualities to compensate for this regrettable lack.

...splat, whirr, smoosh, plapp...

A head of roast garlic smells incredible, tastes sublime, and looks like a weird alien flower with finger-nipples…

Not pictured: beauty.

…a blurry weird alien flower.

The glorious afterglow when you have successfully produced a litre of the finest hummus humanity has ever beheld is very rarely captured in photos:

You'll just have to take my word for it.

There are really not very many things that don’t make excellent hummus transport vessels. Toast, pita pockets, tortillas, tortilla chips: all fine contenders. Carrots, capsicum, celery, broccoli: brilliant. FACT: Hummus is a STAR at every meal. On toast at brekkers, with tomato and maybe a little avocado; in a wrap with roast pumpkin and capsicum and rocket for lunch; for entree as a dip; with a plate of salad and felafels; man, are you hungry yet? I totally am.

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