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Green Sprite underway!

The story so far: having identified the need for a very specific garment in my daily life, I spent a lot of time trawling Ravelry for patterns only to discover that the design existed only in my head. While my head is an exciting and magnificent place to be, I want the design in a form I can actually knit it. Codename: Green Sprite.

First up: swatching! I’ve worked with this unnamed, unlabelled, bargain-bin-batch yarn before, previously at a gauge of 21 sts/28 rows (over 10x10cm), achieved on 5mm needles. I was a bit worried that this produced a fabric that was too open for the top I wanted, so last night I flew the swatching flag and charged in. Which sounds more exciting than it actually was. On 4mm needles, I produced a fabric that was noticeably tighter: possibly even a little too tight, compromising the drape. Then it got a quick squirlsh in some water to simulate washing, and when it’s dry I’ll measure the gauge to see what I think.

Meanwhile, it’s time to get my measurements down. I’ve lost my tape measure, the good one that goes all the way around me. Anybody seen it? Huh. I had to make do by measuring my various circumferences with a piece of yarn and then measuring the piece of yarn in stages on my mini/beginner’s tape measure. Shabby times, but it works.

I want Green Sprite to be really close-fitting (zero to negative ease), so I want fairly exact measurements, especially for the waist shaping. I’m stumpy and my Mumini tells me I’m short-waisted (meaning that the vertical distance between my waist circumference and hip circumference is shorter than average), but I figure, as long as I get the measurements right, it doesn’t matter how close I am to averages. So I’ve measured my boob, waist and hip circumferences, and the vertical distance between my shoulders and boobs, my boobs and waist, and my waist and hips. (I said boobs a lot in that sentence. Boobs boobs boobs! Hi Google!) Finally, I measured my shoulder width to make sure that my cast on will span across, and measured how far down my front I want the open neck to go. Then I spent about 45 minutes playing with Inkscape to produce the following spectacular diagram:

my shapely form!

Whee! This will be the basis for the schema for the tank part of Green Sprite. I feel so clever!

Next step: once the swatch is dry, I will figure out my gauge and start planning out stitch counts. I’m planning on making this a tank first and then picking up stitches around the armholes and making top-down, set-in sleeves, two at a time to use up the yarn to the last drop. I’m thinking of using a provisional cast on along the back neckline, working the back to the bottom of the armholes, then picking up the provisional cast on and working the fronts to match: I think that’s the best approach for the style I want. This is fun.

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